Three Replica Panerai Watches For Men’s Thick Wrists

There are many men’s wrists that are relatively thick, which is why the diameter of the watch has always become larger. Small watches are not suitable for thick wrists. So it is very important to choose a suitable watch for your rough wrist. If you want to buy a big men’s watch, then Panerai is definitely the first choice. Panerai is a brand specializing in men’s watches. And this brand of replica watches has always been relatively large.

Panerai Luminor PAM 661 44MM Replica

Panerai Luminor PAM 661 replica

The replica Panerai Luminor PAM 661 has a 44mm case. Water-resistant to 300M. The case is made of the latest carbon material, which guarantees a lightweight wearing experience. The P.9010 movement inside the watch maintains a three-day power reserve. This is a relatively simple replica watch. The black dial only has a three o’clock date window and a nine o’clock stopwatch. 44MM is not suitable for slender wrists. But it’s a perfect size for men with thicker wrists.

Panerai Luminor 1950 PAM 441 44MM Replica

Panerai Luminor 1950 PAM 441 replica

The replica Panerai Luminor 1950 PAM 441 is a breakthrough luxury watch. It is also 44M in size. The black matte case is made of ceramic. There are also three hands in the black dial. But the third hand is not the second hand, but the GMT hand pointing to the second time zone. Its stopwatch is also at nine o’clock. Brown calfskin bracelets contrast with black. The P.9001 movement inside the PAM 441 also provides a 3-day power reserve.

Panerai Luminor GMT PAM 320 44MM Replica

Panerai Luminor GMT PAM 320 44MM Replica

Replica Panerai Luminor PAM 320 is also a classic watch with a sandwich case. The black dial has small holes for numbers and indexes for the hour. This design gives this replica Panerai watch a greater depth. Hidden under the hour hand in local time is the hand of the second time zone. 44MM satin case with polished smooth bezel. It uses the same P.9001 movement which can provide 3 days of power.

Large watches are certainly more suitable for men with thick wrists. A watch of the right size can enhance a man’s charm and fashion. These three 44MM Panerais should be able to meet the needs of most rough wrists. If you are looking for other large watches, you can go to to pick them.

Review Of Classic, Vintage Rolex Replica Submariner 5512

The history of the Rolex diving watch Submariner began in 1953. At the same time Rolex Submariner also created the world’s first watch with a 100M diving depth. To this day, Submariner has also improved. Although each new Submariner function is definitely more perfect than the previous watch. But replica Submariner, which has become a thing of the past, may make a deeper impression.

replica Rolex Submariner 5512

Rolex Submariner 5512 Replica

This article reviews the retro replica Rolex Submariner 5512. Ref. 5512 was born in 1959 and is the ninth reference model for Submariner. Ref. 5512 replaces the previous Submariner 5510 and Submariner 6538. This Submariner 5512 is well known. Because it expands the size of Submariner from 38MM to 40MM. Since then, Submariner has kept a 40MM case.

Submariner 5512 manufacturing ceased around 1978. So replica Rolex Submariner 5512 has 20 years of history and is one of the oldest Rolex replica watches. In the 20-year history, Submariner 5512 is not static, it is constantly improving itself.


Rolex replica Submariner 5512

There are two changes to the text of replica Rolex Submariner 5512. The early Submariner 5512 had only two lines of text, the depth level and the name of the SUBMARINER. But then two more lines of text were added to the dial: an officially certified supertimer. Because the replica Rolex Submariner 5512’s movement has been replaced by a chronograph movement. The second text change is the order of the depth levels. Around 1967, the depth level was reversed. From the original “200m = 660ft” to “660ft = 200m”.


Rolex Submariner 5512 replica

1959 replica Rolex Submariner 5512 was born with the NO.1530 movement. Soon after, the Submariner 5512 replaced the non-chronograph movement with a chronograph level NO.1560 movement. After 1965, the Submariner 5512 upgraded the movement to a NO.1570 movement.

Replica Rolex Submariner 5512 not only retains all the elements that work, it also discards the useless elements. And it is a retro watch that every watch collector wants.

Rolex 18K White Gold Replica Yacht-Master 42MM 226659

This new watch for 2019 is a platinum version of the replica Yacht-Master. The overall design continues the previous Rolex Yacht-Master 126655. The case of Yacht-Master 126655 is made of 18K rose gold, while the new 226659 is made of white gold.

Both materials are precious metals, so they are both a manifestation of identity and status. But the platinum material is more luxurious but understated. Therefore, this replica Rolex Yacht-Master 226659 is more suitable for those who do not like to show off.

Rolex Yacht-Master 226659 replica

New Size

Replica replica has a brand new 42MM dial. Compared to other Rolex 2019 watches, this replica Yacht-Master watch has the biggest change. This time Rolex added a third size to the Yacht-Master series. Previously there were only 40MM and 37MM, and a larger 42MM was added in 2019.


Rolex replica Yacht-Master 226659

The dial design of this latest replica Yacht-Master maintains the classic design of many Rolex sports watches. For example, round and stripe time scales, Mercedes hands. These details are also used in 18K white gold. The bezel uses a high-tech black ceramic bezel. In order to show the layering, the scales and numbers on the bezel are polished. And the scales and numbers are three-dimensional.


This replica Rolex watch uses NO.3235 movement. NO.3235 movement is the most cost-effective movement in the Rolex brand. The power reserve is 70 hours. Whether it’s precision or antimagnetic, this watch has amazing performance.

Wear On Wrist

replica Rolex Yacht-Master 226659

The first is the enlargement of the dial size. Then the same proportion of the time scale, hands, and bezel becomes larger. When you wear the 42MM replica Yacht-Master watch on your wrist, you will find that it is a tough watch. Platinum material also makes this replica watch more texture.

This year’s replica Yacht-Master watch gives Yacht-Master a new option. The new size also completes the Yacht-Master family.

Replica Panerai Submersible PAM982 Cooperation With Guillaumenery

Panerai professional diving watch submersible is the leading role in 2019. Previously, submersible was under the luminor family. In 2019, Panerai made submersible an independent series. From then on, the Panerai subservible series began to play an increasingly important role. This article is to evaluate one of the protagonists of the submersible series, replica Panerai Submersible PAM982.

Replica Panerai Submersible PAM982 watch

Birth Background Of Replica Panerai Submersible PAM982

Replica Panerai Submersible PAM982 has an inspirational story. It’s a watch designed by Panerai with French diving champion GuillaumenĂ©ry. GuillaumenĂ©ry is also the world record holder for the free diving program. The cooperation of the two people can better show the features of Panerai Submersible PAM982. The inclusion of GuillaumenĂ©ry has increased our trust in the diving performance of this watch.


Let’s turn to replica Panerai Submersible PAM982. First of all, the replica Panerai watch uses titanium as a whole. It has a classic crown guard bridge. Because it is designed as a diving watch, it has a waterproof depth of 300M. Panerai Submersible PAM982 has a one-way rotation of the bezel. This time, the Submersible PAM982 uses a white glow effect. So, it will have a higher brightness at night.

Panerai Submersible PAM982 Replica watch


The color of this replica Panerai watch is impressive. This is a big attempt by Panerai. This is the first time Panerai has used a blue bezel. Of course, this is a ceramic bezel. The dial is combined with the meaning of diving. Panerai Submersible PAM982 uses a new gray. Panerai called the grey “shark grey.”. The combination of blue ceramic bezel and “shark grey” dial attracts more people’s attention. Secondly, this replica watch has a blue watch bracelet.


Replica Panerai Submersible PAM982 has reliable timing function. The timing function is controlled by two screw in buttons on the left. The buttons in the upper left corner are start and stop, and then the lower right corner is to return to the original state. The time dial is at 3 or 6 o’clock. On the left is the stopwatch and on the right is the hour. When the blue long second hand turns a circle, the stainless steel long second hand will automatically move forward for 1 minute. This design is very rare in the watch industry.

Surprisingly, this replica Panerai watch is 47MM in size. It’s a bigger size, not for everyone. But it’s worth buying because it’s full of personality.